Saturday, October 17, 2009

Introductions - Thank a teacher

Hello. Tonight is just a short blog to say hi and to give you just a bit about myself. I am a public school educator in St. Louis, MO. I've been in the field for more than 20 years, in the same district. I have to be honest with you, I am tired. I am tired of being a teacher. Don't get me wrong - I love teaching! I love my students and the time I spend with them. Well, most of the time I spend with them. I have, however, noticed some alarming changes and trends in the students and the American education system over the years. What is scary is that it's not just me. My spouse is teacher; my friends are teachers; my sister is a teacher. Some of us have more experience than others. Some have more than 30, some fewer than 5, but we are all seeing the same disturbing, detrimental trends and signs, causing most of us to want to walk away, run flee ... head for the hills! Yes, sometimes we just think we're getting older and embittered, but that's not really it. We are the ones who are in it for the kids. Obviously, not for the money! ;) I wonder if, in decades past, most other teachers had the same fears for America's future. I wonder when things changed. I would like to know the patterns, the conditions that caused those changes to occur. Ah, but that is for another post. If you've read this far, thanks. I guess I should say, if you've read this far, thank a teacher! But that would be too cliche, right? But, seriously, think about it. And if you had a favorite teacher in your past, one (or more) who touched your life in a positive way, who had an impact ... consider thanking them. A card, a note, an e-mail ... it makes all the difference in the world to him/her. Trust me, I know.

Oh, and by the way, while I do try to spell-check and use good grammar, I'm not perfect. Don't persecute me for typos and such! :)